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Frequently Asked Questions

PodSmart is a revolutionary podcasting platform using Amazon Alexa. It is fully voice-operated, making the podcasting world more accessible and interactive using simple, natural language. You can navigate our customizable and personalized app completely hands-free, using only your voice. Our goal is to turn your podcasting experience into a conversation. After all, PodSmart is a community, not just a service.
You can get started with PodSmart either as a listener or as a podcaster. In any case, go to an appropriate (Listeners or Podcasters) page and complete the form. After confirming your email, you will receive a one-time password (OTP) by email, along with a link that takes you to the Alexa Skill Stores page of PodSmart. After logging in to Amazon, click on the yellow button on the top right side to enable the skill for your Amazon Alexa device. Once enabled, use the command “Alexa, start VoiceTech PodSmart Player”. When your Alexa device prompts you for an OTP, you can give her the four-digit password and proceed in setting up your account.
All users have access to our full podcast collection. Creating a free account using your email ID is recommended, however, because it helps us build a customized listening experience for you. With an account, you can create your profile and save your favorite genres, podcasters, and other settings using only your voice. This helps us provide you with the most convenient and user-friendly listening experience.
First and foremost, we do not sell your information to anyone, period. That’s our commitment and we take it seriously. We use your email ID to send you a one-time password (OTP) along with the instructions to get started. In future, we may send you emails about your favorite podcasts, new features and any relevant communications.
The wonderful thing about Alexa is that you can find what you are looking for by simply asking. You can ask Alexa to play a podcast just by telling the podcast name. If you don’t have a name handy, you can ask for suggestions. PodSmart will offer you multiple suggestions to select from. Additionally, PodSmart has a daily featured podcast and you can ask to play the featured podcast if you do not know a name, or if you do not want suggestions.
PodSmart is conceived as a “podcasting on smart speakers”, to start with. We want to offer the podcasting experience using simple, natural language. Amazon Alexa platform has the sophisticated features to make this happen, and that’s why we have developed PodSmart for Amazon Alexa. The mobile app is in the conceptual phase and we will keep you informed when we plan to make it available to you.
You are welcome to be a part of our podcasters’ community. To join our podcast collection, visit our Podcasters sign-up page. All you need is your contact information and your podcast’s RSS feed link, and we’ll do the rest.
In the beta version of PodSmart, we use the RSS feed link that your podcast hosting service has provided to you. With this, you do not need to upload your podcast audio files on our server. If this changes in future, we will update you.
Visit the Contact page and complete a form to send us an email. Alternatively, you can directly write to us at info@podsmart.app. To call us, use +1-510-402-4561 and leave us a message. Our team members will get in touch with you as soon as possible.