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PodSmart is the next-gen

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  • Enjoyable Listening Experience

    PodSmart's Innovative features make it an enjoyable listening experience.

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  • Interact Naturally

    Users can interact with PodSmart in a simple, natural language.

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  • Personalized Listening

    PodSmart gives personalized listening experience to its users.

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Why PodSmart?

Smart speakers (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant) have become a must-have gadget! 

The global smart speaker installed base is forecasted to reach 640 million by 2024. 

A growing number of listeners enjoy natural, interactive communication to play podcasts on smart speakers.  

For podcasters, this emerging platform presents enormous opportunity to distribute their creative content.  

With PodSmart, listeners and podcasters are experiencing a new era in podcasting.


PodSmart helps podcasters widen their audience

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PodSmart offers a joyful listening experience

PodSmart offers personalization features for listeners making it an enjoyable experience to listen to podcasts. 

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PodSmart: Podcast experience, reimagined!

PodSmart is the next-gen podcasting platform that you operate just by voice commands, no keyboard, no typing. 

PodSmart beta version is now available on all Amazon Alexa devices like Echo Dot (3rd gen and 4th gen), 

Echo Show (Show 5, Show 8 and Show 10), and even on Echo Auto. 

Our podcast collection is growing every day and brings more podcasts in different categories and languages to our listeners. 

Start using PodSmart today and you will know why it is a podcast experience, reimagined!

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