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What does it offer?

Listening to podcasts is now as easy as just asking for it.  PodSmart helps you listen to and discover new podcasts using the most natural way of communication: by using your voice.  It creates an interactive and user-friendly experience that is joyful and customizable. PodSmart is more than an voce app; it’s a community of listeners and podcasters.

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Use Podcast without signing up

It is not mandatory to register before using PodSmart, although we highly recommend it. It helps us personalize your experience by setting your choices.

Once registered, we will send you a link to enable PodSmart on your Alexa device and then, you can simply say, “Alexa, start VoiceTech PodSmart Player” and you are in. 

PodSmart breaks the mold for podcast distribution moving away from timeworn mobile app distribution and takes podcasting into the advanced realm of smart speakers and displays. It is fully voice-operated, using interactive, hands-free communication to create a convenient and accessible podcast experience.